This week, Ryan Adams’ camp posted a couple of oddball, smart-alecky video clips promoting his latest album release. The skits feature comedians Garry Shandling and Jeff Garlin and musicians Don Was and Bob Mould clearly improvising about the absurd, supernatural ramifications of listening to Adams’ music.

The first, in which Garlin cold-calls Adams’ manager (Shandling) peeved about his dead parakeet, has already received over twenty-thousand YouTube clicks. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the amusing bits, but let’s take a minute to acknowledge the singer’s obvious influences in this endeavor.

Dead parakeet? Dead parrot? Anyone? It’s not just the unburied bird business; there’s the fourth wall-breaking, the indiscriminate screaming, the disinterested desk jockeys, the answering of phone calls from strangers. Sure, Adams’ skits are funny in their own right. But they are also, noticeably, reminiscent of classic Monty Python lunacy. See for yourself:

Okay, homage paid. Carry on.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)