Ryan Phillippe dropped some subtle hints about a possible Marvel/Netflix role in a recent interview with Howard Stern and now the internet is flooded with rumors about what that role could be.

So far the role that would make the most sense for Phillippe is Iron Fist, seeing as it’s the only Netflix show yet to land a lead actor and the fourth and final show leading into The Defenders.

During his interview with Howard Stern, the Cruel Intentions star dropped this little nugget, “I’m meeting with Marvel, is interested in talking about like Netflix, a series possibly,” following it up with, “The Daredevil series is great, right?”

Sure, it’s a weird, disjointed sentence and may turn out to be nothing, but according to Slashfilm, it’s doubtful he would have said anything unless he was already close to a deal.

I think the key here is that Phillippe mentioned anything at all. Marvel is so secretive that if you are willing to say something, even if it’s to a great interviewer like Stern, you have to realize it’s going to get out there and you’re going to be held accountable. I’d imagine the actor is fairly confident he’s close to the role, whatever that is.

You can listen to the full Sten interview below. The Marvel comment starts at 7:42.