Ryan Reynolds is a tough guy not to like. He’s one of the few actors who could bring Deadpool to life and preserve all of the wit and sarcasm while still being completely badass, as evidenced by the movie being on track to become the highest-grossing rated R film ever. (A fact that Reynolds hilariously noted in a recreation of Kanye West’s Saturday Night Live rant.) Reynolds is also married to the beautiful Blake Lively, with whom he feels completely comfortable copping a feel in public.

Now the man crush levels have been cranked even higher with the discovery that Reynolds is a motorcycle guy. And not just any motorcycle guy. Reynolds is a devotee of cafe racer bikes and just took delivery of a Triumph Thruxton that was customized by Kott Motorcycles. In the video below, Reynolds talks about how when he’s on a bike, “I can’t wait to not get there” and credits riding motorcycles with saving his life as a young actor in Hollywood. Sure, it’s a little pretentious, but when you hear Reynolds discuss nerding out on all the cafe racer sites, you can give him a pass.

Hear more of Reynolds’s thoughts on riding and check out his reaction upon seeing his finished bike in the video below.

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