We can only imagine all of the crazy stories old sailors have from their voyages across vast bodies of water. We basically have to trust their stories because we weren’t there. Reddit asked their users again what the most amazing thing they’ve seen at sea was, and we decided to make a part two. Please check Reddit here to find ones we forgot. Enjoy!

When I was younger and on a family holiday in Gran Canaria, we went on a boat trip around the island. Seemed like a good way to waste the day in the sun.

We were on a medium sized catamaran, and between the two hulls there was a kind of netting that people were sitting on. It was a pretty chill time and 12 year old me loved sitting on it and looking out at the sea.

Then we hear the crew yell something; they’d spotted dolphins! Cool! So we get up, can see them jumping a bit off the distance in parallel to how we’re travelling. Then we notice they’re getting closer. And closer.

I go back to the netting, thinking I’ll be able to see one as it passes beneath the boat. I look down at just the wrong moment as this complete derp of a dolphin decide that was the perfect time to jump - when he was UNDERNEATH the boat - and headbutts me.

He lands back in the water and the school moves on, but my day is ruined by a bloody nose and black eye from getting a Glasgow Kiss by f***ing Flipper.

After spending a few months at sea on deployment the most incredible thing I saw was 4’s turning in to solid 9’s.

I saw a penguin swimming around in the Gulf of Mexico.

Friend invited me fishing offshore when I went to visit him. While out there, he pointed out the funny black & white bird in the distance that that would occasionally dive down. Proclaimed it a penguin. I calmly explained there is zero, zilch, NO way that was a penguin. I explained currents, geography, water temperature, etc. We floated closer to it.

It was a penguin.

We snapped a few pics of it. Back at home, a trip to Wikipedia told us it was “Spheniscus demersus”. An African Penguin visiting the Gulf of Mexico. Go figure.

Most amazing is the non-sound of wind.

When you’re on shore wind rustles through the trees, moves wind chimes, makes birds chirp…etc. Way off shore none of those sounds exist. It’s very eerie to feel the wind but have it make no noise. Just a force that moves across your skin and then gently leaves without a sound.

It was a beautiful day off the coast of Juneau, Alaska and we were hobby fishing for salmon when we caught a small fish. We noticed a large bald eagle soaring overhead and decided to try and throw the fish to the eagle to give him an easy lunch. My father-in-law threw the fish up in the air and the eagle swooped down grabbing it out of the air before it hit the water. I was pretty stunned the eagle was so ready to catch a fish flying through the air but it seems his reflexes were pretty eagle like.

When I was 11, I went on a night fishing trip with my friends’ parents. As we got about a half mile past the skyway bridge out of St.Pete, they noticed one of those big blue plastic 55 gallon barrels bobbing in the water by a channel marker. So we pull up to it and the adults lugged it into the boat to open. I remember all of the adults gasping and giggling when they opened it, immediately followed by my friend’s mom ushering us to the bow of the boat to sit down and only face forward no matter what. Well, of course the little 11 year old curious f***face eventually turned around to try to catch a glimpse of whatever cool adult shit was in that barrel. Well, I turned around to see what looked like a bunch of plastic vacuum sealed bags of some sort of green herb. It wasn’t until years later that I realized what I had witnessed.

An acquaintance in high school had sailed around the world with his parents starting when he was in elementary school. Took them 6 or 7 years, so he was in high school when they got back. He had lots of stories of interesting things seen. One I remember was another sailor with a pet monkey. The guy kept a couple chickens for eggs on the boat too. The monkey viewed the chickens as his pets and often held them, stroking them. One chicken stopped laying and the sailor decided to eat it. He took the chicken to his cutting board in the cockpit and cut its head off. The monkey watching this screamed in terror, then scrambled to the top of the sailboat mast. It stayed up there for 3 days until thirst drove it down. After that the monkey would run to the top of the mast if the man ever got his cooking knives out.

Once I almost hit a dead body when returning from a trip at the end of the day. It was just turning dusk and I was coming in from about 15 miles offshore after a day of fishing. I was cruising around 25 knots when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something bright yellow just off the port side of the boat and almost made impact with it. I slowed down and turned the boat around in an attempt to find whatever it was I almost hit but was unsuccessful and it was getting late and the sun was almost down so I decided it would be best to just head back in. The next day a body in yellow waders washed up onshore about 25 miles to the North. I can’t say for sure if it was the same yellow object I almost hit but I’d be willing to bet it was.

Not amazing in a good way, but on the flight deck during flight ops, business as usual, launching planes and dodging jet blast. All the sudden the air boss calls out to get ready for emergency landing. In like 3.5 seconds the landing area was completely clear, before I could even realize what was said. Well, the jet didn’t make it to landing. I watched a 60 million dollar f-18 just go into the ocean. The pilots ejected, and needed to get pulled out of the water of course. It all happened so fast I would almost swear that the helicopter pilots literally appeared out of thin air, spun that bitch up and were hovering over the water with a rescue swimmer roping out in an instant. This all happened in what seemed like less than 5 minutes. I was in total shock and sick to my stomach because nobody immediately knew whether or not the pilots were okay. They were, but both had quite a few broken bones. The same jet I watched take off minutes before was deep six’d.