“I am 50 years old!“ proclaims Salma Hayek in her interview with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit magazine. The cover star admits she doesn’t always have the discipline to exercise. Who does? Hayek was photographed for the issue by Nico Bustos, and it looks like whatever she’s doing is working out for her, even if that doesn’t involve working out.

She tells The Edit she loves being curvy but says, “I’m not going to lie to you, I would like the curve to go in instead of out in some places, but I love a little curve.”

The Mexican-American actress and producer also talked to the magazine about politics, a subject she says has always interested her, but has started to disgust her lately. “There was a point where I said, ‘I have to take a break; I don’t even want to hear about it.’”

Hayek is concerned we’re creating a “bleak future” for the next generation. She says, “The world has to work together more because the earth is in crisis.” She urged people not to let themselves off the hook, saying, “My advice is to use the frustration and the fear and channel it into productivity. To push yourself in whatever you do, for yourself and your community. By reaching our full potential, we can prove racist and prejudiced people wrong.”

Earlier this week, Hayek talked to The Guardian about her own activism work. For many years, she has been speaking out for women’s rights in the United States and around the world. In 2005, she established the Salma Hayek Foundation, which works to prevent violence against women. In 2013, she teamed up with Beyoncé and the fashion label Gucci to found the organization Chime for Change, which focuses on gender equality. Hayek is deeply involved with Chime for Change, and says, “I don’t just do awareness, I actually do strategy. I’m on the board. It takes a lot, a lot, a lot of time.”

Helping others has always been important to her. She told The Guardian, “It’s been there since I’ve been a child. A sense of justice and responsibility for the human race. How can we be better? Because a lot of people don’t think that way. They think: ‘How can I pay less tax?’ And so when I see things that make me think we are degrading and degenerating mentally it makes me want to do something.”

Hayek is passionate about making a difference, but she’s not always so serious, as this recent Instagram clip proves:

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