Leading lady and Salma Hayek Pinault has been making the rounds at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, with a prominent appearance at the Women in Motion Awards this past Sunday, where she was spotted wearing a pink wig. While her pastel hair made people take pause, it was Hayek’s comments on sexism in Hollywood that were real points of note.

Hayek poses with her husband, Chairman and CEO of Kering, François-Henri Pinault, whose company launched the Women in Motion Awards in 2015 in partnership with the Festival de Cannes. The program consists of dialogue-provoking talks plus awards intended to highlight women’s contribution and importance to the film industry.

During her appearance on a panel at the Women in Motion talks, Hayek stated Hollywood is “ignorant” for ignoring female consumers, explaining that women present great buying and decision-making power. The actress stated, “Hollywood is not going to change to give it to women. It’s a business. Even ignorance, in the way that they have not capitalized. They are even undermining us as an economical force, when today, 70…almost 80 percent of the decision makers of what movie to watch is a female, or what television to watch. We are the ones who decide what to do with the money, where to pay. Now women, we are independent. We work. We make money. We want to go out and have fun much more than before. We are the greatest consumers, in not only for film, for fashion for everything, and they have not capitalized on that. It’s ignorance.”

According to an article published in UK’s “The Telegraph,”, the actress made a number of strong statements stating that actresses face “macho” personalities and careers may be stifled if a woman is seen as more than a pretty face. “There is this thing that it’s true that maybe if you’re pretty you can get parts easier. But it is really violent to assume that if you are pretty, you are stupid.” Hayek continues, “If they realize that you’re smart, the anger is really multiplied. It’s almost like they’ve said ‘Ok, get a monkey.’ And then the monkey talks, and they go, 'Oh my god,the monkey talks. What do we do?”

Pinault appears to hold the same perspective as his wife, quoted by a statement on the website for the program noting, ‘As is still the case in far too many walks of life, women are under-represented and disadvantaged in the film world, despite their priceless contribution to everything that makes cinema what it is. Promoting gender equality lies at the heart of Kering’s priorities, which is why I am proud to be involved in this fight, alongside the Festival de Cannes.’

Watch a short clip of the panel below.

Hayek posed with other A-listers, and possibly monkeys, including Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard..

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She’s also not afraid to hang with human primates. Here she is flanked by a sea of men, as the group, including Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal, represent their native Mexico.

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