Though Jon Stewart won’t take the stage for his final episode as host until August, it’s already beginning to feel a little like the end of an era over at The Daily Show. In March, only a month after Stewart announced his departure, long-serving correspondent Jason Jones left the show after a decade to lead his own still-untitled series at TBS. That same month, correspondent Samantha Bee, the longest-serving correspondent in Daily Show history (and also Jones’ wife), announced that she too would be departing to host her own TBS series. Just like that, three icons of the show, including its host, were leaving.

Though Jones left in late March, Bee stuck around a little while, and last night marked her final episode after nearly 12 years with the show. To pay tribute to one of the most valued members of his “greatest fucking news team,” Stewart put together a highlight reel from Bee’s time on the show, and it reminded us all why she’s so great. It featured everything from a very silly interpretive dance tribute to Fox News show The Five to more powerful stuff, like the time she made Republicans at the GOP convention stumble over themselves when discussing Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and her right to choice.

It’s all great stuff, and just when you start thinking “Wow, she can’t leave, she’s too good,” out walks Bee, tissues in hand, to get a tearful hug from Stewart and receive a very warm ovation from the audience. It’s a great moment, and it makes me both look forward to seeing Bee again on TBS and dread the day when we’ll finally have to watch Stewart behind that desk for the last time. It’s all happening too fast over at The Daily Show.