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A History of Rock n’ Roll, As Depicted By Samii Ryan

A History of Rock n’ Roll, As Depicted By Samii Ryan:

Everyone has their favorite genre of rock. Perhaps you’re a fan of guys in mop tops wearing suits in the 1960s. Or maybe you prefer the flannel-clad members of the early 90s grunge scene. No matter which era of rock you most identify with, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Rock clothes look much better on a beautiful women.

We enlisted Samii Ryan to help us show the evolution of Rock n’ Roll style. Check it out and decide which era you think is the best.

You can check out our full photoshoot with Samii right here.



SamiiRyanGigPosters 50s



SamiiRyanGigPosters 60s

Early 1970s

Glam Rock

SamiiRyanGigPosters 70s Glam

Late 1970s/Early 1980s

Punk Rock

SamiiRyanGigPosters 70s Punk


Heavy Metal

SamiiRyanGigPosters 80s Metal

Early 1990s


SamiiRyanGigPosters 90s Grunge

Late 1990s

Nu Metal

SamiiRyanGigPosters 90s Nu Metal



SamiiRyanGigPosters 2000s Emo


Indie Folk

SamiiRyanGigPosters 2010 Singer Songwriter

Photography: Marya Gullo
Styling: Neva Kaya
Photo assistant: Clark Wacunza
Hair and makeup: Christina Guerra
Videographer: Jan Lim

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