It took me a long time to come around to the idea of mounting my TV on the wall. Especially for a renter, a wall-mounted TV means a pain-in-the-ass installation, which includes wires in the wall and expensive mounting gear. Not to mention, the cleanup efforts when it’s time to move out. It’s also not very flexible: Once it’s installed for a particular living room arrangement, it’s staying there.

It also leaves my relatively big TV as a centerpiece in the living room, and when I’m not actually watching TV, it’s kind of annoying.

Enter Samsung’s “The Frame” TV, which, when not in TV mode, doubles as a framed piece of art for your wall. You can even choose a frame that matches your decor. On top of that, it mounts to the wall a lot like a picture frame would, using Samsung’s Invisible Connection mounting hardware.



If wall mounting isn’t your thing, but the idea of a TV that isn’t always a TV turns you on, Samsung says a Studio Stand will be made available. When it’s in TV mode, “The Frame” is no slouch, either, using QLED technology that uses metal quantum dots for deep color depth.

As for pricing and details, Samsung is mum other than a Spring 2017 window for launch.