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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Went Up In Flames (No, Really)

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Went Up In Flames (No, Really): via Samsung

via Samsung

There are some scandals in the tech industry that you bounce back from. Remember “Bend-ghazi”, when everyone was complaining that their Apple iPhones were bending in their back pockets? That ended up being a blip that lasted only for a standard news cycle. Some issues, however, are tougher to recover from. High on that list are mobile phones that catch on fire, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is why the company just announced it would “halt sales and production” of the device.

The news followed Samsung’s announcement on Monday that it would recall all of the devices worldwide after some of the replacement Note 7s it delivered to customers also caught fire. The issue stems from a defective battery on the Note 7 that leaves it prone to catching fire and exploding. Samsung originally announced an exchange program shortly after the Note 7 first launched and users experienced the issue. But there were at least five reported cases of the supposedly safe replacement devices also catching fire, which prompted the recall—and, ultimately, the death of the device altogether. Samsung is advising any remaining owners of the Note 7 to power down the device.

Daniel Franks

Daniel Franks

When the Note 7 first launched it received positive reviews, but these developments will be tough for Samsung to bounce back from heading into the all-important holiday season. Samsung’s stock price was down more than 7% today. While the news is bad for Samsung, it could be a boon to both Apple and Google, which recently launched its Pixel phone. As long as both companies can prevent their devices from, you know, spontaneously combusting.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.

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