This video is both extremely entertaining and extremely terrifying to someone like me.

It’s entertaining for a couple of reasons. First off, when is Samuel L. Jackson ever not entertaining? The man is a national treasure and can go viral reading a children’s book. This also happens to be an extremely clever style of interview. Wired sat down with the 68-year old actor, only nobody really interviewed him. They just let Google generate the questions for them by selecting the most searched questions about Sam Jackson.

Here’s why that’s terrifying to someone like me: I’m supposed to make a career out of writing articles and interviewing people! Then here comes Wired with an idea to do away with the interviewer, and what’s even worse is it’s actually a great concept! The robots are taking my job.

In the video, Jackson answers a round of “where” questions, then a round of “is” questions, then a round of “did” questions, followed by a round of “what” questions, and a round of “does” questions, then a round of “how” questions, and finally just a straight up “Samuel L. Jackson” round. He even shares a quick Star Wars anecdote that might surprise a few die-hard fans. Enjoy.