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Samurai Game ‘Nioh’ is Like 'Dark Souls’ with Ninjas

The next project from Team Ninja, the developer behind some of the best-loved action games of the last decade, looks like what Dark Souls would be like with a little extra speed.

The game is called Nioh, and there hasn’t been much info going around about it since it re-emerged at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. The video above is footage from a demo that was shown to journalists behind closed doors, and gives a sense of the dark, brooding ass-kicking you’ll be doing in the game. Like Dark Souls, it includes mechanics like a stamina meter that limits your ability to attack and dodge, and hard-hitting enemies who you’ll have to strike carefully to avoiding getting thrashed.

Team Ninja has a long pedigree of doing great action combat games like this one with its Ninja Gaiden series. The team revived the series back on the original Xbox, and has created a ton of super-fast, combo-stacking ninja games ever since. Combining that gameplay with the Dark Souls formula should make for some pretty intense swordfighting action.

Via [Polygon](

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