An ad placed on a Bay-Area job staffing site for a personal assistant is causing a minor uproar after it inadvertently touched a nerve regarding issues of gentrification and income inequality in San Francisco. The job post, which was referred to as a “rage read” by The Guardian’s Nellie Bowles, has been roundly mocked for describing the potential client as a “creative” family that “enjoys a simple lifestyle” while simultaneously living in a 10,000 square foot mansion and hosting “High Profile friends from around the world.” Click here to read the entire post.

Seriously. Read it. This family helper position doesn’t even involve cleaning. It involves keeping tabs on other people who are doing the actual work. And for that, someone will get paid quadruple what the average American makes in a year.

The economy in San Francisco right now is so top-heavy that a modern-day butler (who doesn’t have to secretly run a Batcave…we presume) for a family of five and a puppy is going to make more than the average:

  • Elementary and Middle School Teacher ($58,060)
  • Farmer/Rancher ($69,880)
  • Registered Nurse ($71,000)
  • Veterinarian ($99,000)
  • Nurse Practitioner ($101,260)
  • Nuclear Engineer ($106,060)
  • Optometrist ($115,750)
  • Pharmacist ($119,270)
  • Lawyer ($136,260)
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager ($141,000)
  • General Dentist ($172,350)

And let’s not skip my personal favorite:

  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operator ($88,820)

That’s right. Someone who controls the awesome force of nuclear power makes about half the salary of the person in charge of being in charge of who walks the family puppy.

It’s easy to see why tensions over income inequality are running so high in San Francisco.

Then again, Detroit would love to have such problems.