Valentine’s Day is the romantic night of the year, which also means it’s the night where people “get it on” the most. And with an estimated 11,000 children being conceived every year on Cupid’s Birthday, one San Francisco restaurant devised away to spread out all those childbirths to other weeks.

Locanda, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District, is giving out free condoms to its customers on Valentine’s Day. They’re calling them “Locondoms.”



The idea came during a staff brainstorming meeting. Owner Craig Stoll told NBC Bay Area, “Our meetings tend to get tedious and devolve into things like this.”

The restaurant ordered 700 of the custom condoms for the night. They’ll be placed in bowls that will be scattered around the dining room, so patrons can grab them whenever they’re “in the mood.” They’ll also receive a locondom in their doggie bags when they leave for the night.

Stoll also said, “"You know how it’s so cheesy how ladies are given a rose at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day? This is our answer to that.”

Not sure the ladies will like this more but the men definitely will.