As fall creeps ever closer, the trailers we see every week become an even quirkier blend of horror flicks, awards contenders, and just plain weird stuff that didn’t really fit into summer movie season. This week, Sandra Bullock and Jake Gyllenhaal are both hunting Oscars, a creepy English fairy story, Maggie Smith hits Peak Eccentric, and more. Check out some of the best trailers of the week (that we didn’t already cover) below.

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton go head-to-head in this comedic drama based on a true story of two campaign advisors duking it out over a South American election. It’s one of the most ambitious films from director David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche) thus far, and could very well earn both Bullock and Thornton Oscar nominations.

I will watch the brilliant Dame Maggie Smith in just about anything, but cast her as an eccentric woman living in a van, and I’m there twice as fast.

Jake Gyllenhaal turned in a monster performance last year in Nightcrawler, and this year he’s hoping to top it with this film about an investment banker who slowly unravels after losing his wife in a car crash. Could it be his ticket to an Oscar? We’ll see.

Sarah Silverman reaches far beyond what we’re used to seeing from her with this film, in which she plays a suburban mother and wife struggling with mental illness and self-destructive tendencies even as she tries to cling to her children. If the film is as powerful as this trailer makes it look, it could be a whole new era for Silverman.

We still haven’t seen any real official footage or footage from Jessica Jones, the second Marvel Studios partnership with Netflix after Daredevil, but this week we finally got an evocative teaser and a premiere date. In a little more than two months, we’ll see what this show’s got.

Do you love Back to the Future? Of course you do, so you’ll definitely want to check out this documentary that examines the making of the films and their enduring pop culture legacy.

I have a real soft spot for stories that plumb the unknowable depths of fairy mythology for a good scare, so The Hallow is an easy sell for me. See for yourself if you feel the same way.