Summertime is finally here! Well, technically speaking, summer only officially gets started June 21st, but we’re already deep into bikini season. Summertime is for relaxing, tanning, taking in the sun, and enjoying your time outdoors. After all, Winter Is Coming.

Playmate of the Year 2007 Sara Jean Underwood certainly knows how to bask in the summer months. She’s doing everything right, which comes as absolutely no surprise since everything she does is completely perfect.

Here she is doing some fishing. Damnit, even her captions are immature and funny. Why must she taunt me like this??

I’m a master baiter 🙊😂

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She’s also quite skilled out on the open water.

Attempting a headstand on a paddle board for the first time. Fell right after. Hood River, Oregon ❤️

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Plus she knows how to relax and soak in those rays.

Sun baking. Hood River, OR.

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Obviously she’s careful about her flawless skin, too. She knows to use sun screen. My only hope is that one day I am close enough to hear her say “can someone get my back?” and I’ll sprint through the crowd like I’m Marshawn Lynch.

Patiently waiting for someone to come put that sunblock on my back 😜

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Finally, she’s still the G.O.A.T. bikini-wearer.

Sara also posted this video to her Instagram:

She isn’t in it, but it features hot girls in bikinis enjoying the summer… so why the hell would I not share that too?