Sara Jean Underwood is excellent at her job, which includes I’m not exactly sure what that is, other than take super duper sexy pictures and post them to Instagram, but whatever it is, she’s really REALLY good at it.

In her latest tour de force, Sara posted this pic of herself taking a shower in a itsy bitsy tank top to her Instagram page. I don’t think you can even classify that thing as a top. It doesn’t cover enough to be considered clothing. It’s as close as it gets to topless while still having something on.

Oh, and there’s video too!

Hey Sara, this isn’t the showers after gym class in grade 8. You don’t have to be so shy and keep your top on.

Oh, what’s that? You aren’t afraid to go topless? Oh, okay. That’s great!

Just now getting out of bed, don’t you dare judge me. 📷 by @riquemb 💄 by @emilyhachebeauty

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Nakey 👀 📷 @stevebitanga 💄 @krysrenee

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