The Super Bowl is such an interesting event each and every year. I mean, nobody makes such a big deal about the World Series or the Stanley Cup or even the NBA Finals, yet for some odd reason, when it’s time for the NFL’s championship game, everyone on earth is suddenly a football fan. It’s an entire spectacle that has little to do with the game and a lot more to do with the glitz and glamour that the Super Bowl has become. As a true football fan, this can sometimes get annoying. On the other hand, all this added hype can also lead to some cool things happening…

Thanks to the great folks over at Start Or Sit and LiveRichMedia, we’ve got this pigskin-centric video that easily more memorable than yesterday’s Super Bowl game. There’s still not many details about what this clip is from or when the whole thing gets released, but just this quick teaser is enough to build up the hype! The video features Sara Underwood, Ana Cheri, and a slew of other stunning models in the locker room before (or perhaps after) a big football match. Does it make sense that they play football in thongs and regular, low-top sneakers? Let me answer that question with another question: does it really matter?

Obligatory sexy football pic inserted here 👆🏼

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