Blonde Hair? Check. Blue Eyes? Check. Big Lips? Check. Curvy physique? Check. The largest boobs on an entire continent? Check.

Meet Sarah Marie Summer, the Naughty Barbie. She has the largest fake set of chesticles in all of Australia. Sure, she admits that it causes problems while driving, and she can’t find a bra that fits her, and she’s constantly knocking things over with them, and she’s constantly spilling things on them, and she can’t even dance properly anymore… but it’s all worth it. According to an interview with The Sun, in her mind, “They make people smile and that makes me happy, so that can’t be a bad thing.” See? She’s just trying to make people happy. It’s certainly working. What a lovely lady, both inside and out.

As if her boobs weren’t entertaining enough, she’s also a singer. My only problem with her latest release is that it’s about a pair of body parts that she has, and it’s not her boobs. It’s her legs. Sarah Summer showing off her legs is like Will Ferrell in a serious role. Yeah, we’re aware this is something you have and that exists, but it’s not what we’re here for.

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