It seems like this year is quickly becoming much weirder than 2016.

A photo of a bunch of falcons, 80 to be exact, with their own damn seats on a plane quickly spread all over the Internet this week. Turns out, a Saudi Prince bought plane tickets for his 80 hawks. “My captain friend send me this photo,“ a Reddit thread caption reads. "Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks.”

Some Saudi princes are known for their gaudy displays of wealth, and here represents one of the more interesting displays of their money. Apparently though, this isn’t the first time this happened, as one commenter posted a similar picture from 2013.

Apparently this avian aviation is made possible by a special passport that the birds can get, allowing them to fly similar to their human compatriots. They are then able to travel to and from The United Arab Emirates like normal passengers.

So respect the flying birds, even though the smell on that plane is probably strong enough for some poor soul to open the emergency exit door.