Nostalgia for the ‘90s knows no bounds, so it isn’t surprising that “Saved By the Max,” a pop-up diner modeled after the after-school hangout spot on the better-than-you-remember sitcom Saved By the Bell, has drawn a ton of visitors to its Chicago location over the last year. The restaurant has done so well, in fact, that it’s now moving to Los Angeles to serve a whole new city of would-be Baysiders.

The Max’s exact L.A. location is still a mystery, but it’s reasonable to assume the diner’s menu will look a lot like it did in Chicago: For $35, you can pick an appetizer, entree and dessert from a menu that includes SBTB-themed foods like AC Sliders, Mac & Screech, Spano’s Seasonal Veggie and the Kelly Kapowski, which is a “homecoming queen of a sandwich” that features prosciutto, gruyere, mayonnaise, mustard and maple syrup. The Kelly Kapowski does not sound like it’s any kind of good.

But where this Max differs from the Max that Zack Morris and high-school friends conveniently visited at least seven times per episode is in the bar and late-night menu, which offers cocktails like Tori Scott’s Jacket, named after the tomboy babe who joined and promptly left the gang during that half-season when Kelly and Jessie Spano mysteriously disappeared; the Albert Clifford margarita (real-heads know that’s Slater’s real name); and of course, the I’m So Excited, which mixes Absolut Vodka with Red Bull Yellow in honor of that time Jessie notoriously freaked the fuck out after taking too many caffeine pills.

For what it’s worth, Mr. Belding showed up to the Chicago spot, so given the new diner’s more Hollywood-friendly location, I’d say you can expect some pop-ins from the considerably more famous faces in the SBTB cast. You probably don’t want to run into Screech, though.