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Scalpers are Already Selling ‘Star Wars’ Opening Night Tickets for Serious Money

Scalpers are Already Selling ‘Star Wars’ Opening Night Tickets for Serious Money: Lucasfilms


So, as you may have heard if you are a sentient human with even the crappiest connection to the internet, the last trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped last night, sending the internet into a nerdy frenzy. It wasn’t the only frenzy at work, though. Yesterday was also the first day moviegoers could purchase tickets for the film’s opening weekend, and movie ticket sites faced incredible traffic – and crashes – as a result.

The demand for Force Awakens tickets was so great that it’s already destroyed the record for first-day sales, and now that basically every seat for the film in America has been sold, that means only one thing: Scalpers are having a field day.

If you check eBay right now, you’ll see that Force Awakens tickets, particularly tickets for the early December 17 shows (those are the Thursday night screenings that give you bragging rights over your friends who had to wait until Friday like losers), are on sale for hundreds of dollars. There are even some brave souls trying to pawn their tickets off on a sucker or two for 10 grand. If you’re an idiot, or just someone with a lot of extra cash trying to please a really, really nerd girl you’re dating, you could buy these tickets. Or, you could act like a civilized adult, call in sick, and see the movie at 11 a.m. the following Monday. It’s up to you.

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