Scarlett Johansson returned to host Saturday Night Live last night, just a day after Avengers: Age of Ultron hit U.S. theaters, so you had to know a Black Widow sketch of some kind was coming. Instead of just directly going after The Avengers themselves, though, the SNL cast and writers decided to take aim at Marvel Studios and its still-unfulfilled (until Captain Marvel hits theaters, anyway) promises to finally make a superhero movie starring a woman.

Behold the magic that is Black Widow: Age of Me.

The idea of Black Widow talking about guys over Chinese with the rest of her Avengers pals might have been funny as a sketch all by itself, but SNL went the extra mile here and stuck to it everyone who’s ever given an interview about how “tricky” and “complicated” female superhero movies are. Plus, we got Taran Killam as Gay Best Friend Thor, and now I want a whole movie about Gay Best Friend Thor.