James Corden’s only had The Late Late Show for a little more than a month, but he’s already found a sweet spot that’s somewhere between charm and outright silliness, and last night he took silly to a new level in this bit with guest Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As he did with Tom Hanks on the very first night of his show, Corden took Schwarzenegger through a six-minute re-enactment of all of his most memorable films, using nothing but a blue screen and some cheap costumes. They started with Conan the Barbarian and went right up through Terminator 2, and though Corden was cracking Schwarzenegger up by the time they got to Predator, they made it all the way to the end, even after Corden stripped down re-enact Jamie Lee Curtis’ famous erotic dance from True Lies. We also got to hear plenty of classic Schwarzenegger lines, from “It’s not a tumor!” to “Get to the chopper!”

Frankly, though, I’m a little insulted that Red Heat didn’t make the cut, even if the dig at The Expendables does kinda make up for it.