Free Windows Solitaire has always been a staple of the Microsoft operating system, but there’s bad news today for the new version in Windows 10: it has video ads inside, and the only way to get rid of them is to pay a recurring subscription fee.

Gone are the halcyon days of secretly wasting time at work playing a digital version of a card game that’s only marginally more interesting than actually working. With the newly released Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to break even the sad activity of mindlessly killing time.

Solitaire has been free with Windows for 25 years, but now joins Free Cell in a new app called the “Microsoft Solitaire Collection,” which flings ads at your face if you want to play it. But you can be rid of those ads if you’re willing to pay, like any other “freemium” game. You can pay $1.49 for a month of the ad-free version, or $10 for a year.

Yup, you can now pay your Solitaire bill right alongside your phone bill. The sci-fi dystopia is real.