Researches at Cornell University have conducted a study to determine the safest place in the U.S. to ride out the zombie apocalypse, should the inevitable come to pass.

Alex Alemi is a researcher and statistician who created an interactive model showing what would most likely happen if the undead were unleashed on America. The model allows users to select a starting point for an outbreak and watch as it spreads across the map.

100 Hours After a Zombie Outbreak in New York

100 Hours After a Zombie Outbreak in New York

Alemi seems to think that the outbreak would not take days or weeks to hit everyone, but more likely years. “New York City would fall in a matter of days, but Ithaca, where I am — it would take weeks for the zombies to make their way up here.” He told The Washington Post.

So where’s the safest place to be in America during the zombie apocalypse? Turns out, anywhere far away from cities. Densely packed cities crumble rather quickly, but don’t think your small town is safe, because even those towns will fall pretty fast. Your safest bet is in the wilderness, somewhere like Nevada or the Colorado Rockies.

But now that everyone knows this, clearly these places are no longer safe either. Your best bet would be to find yourself a Woody Harrelson and enjoy the ride.