Courtesy of [Darron Birgenheier/Wikipedia](,_California_-_Stacked_Macro_10x.jpg).

Courtesy of Darron Birgenheier/Wikipedia.

Despite being frozen for 30 years, microscopic animals known as water bears have been revived by scientists, the Telegraph reports.

The frozen water bears, which are also known as tardigrades and moss piglets, were collected by Japanese scientists conducting research in Antarctica in 1983. The previous record for reviving frozen water bears was eight years.

In all, two water bears were successfully revived. Although one died less than three weeks later, the other survived, and went on to successfully mate with another tardigrade, producing 14 offspring.

According to the BBC, water bears are able to survive in such extreme conditions due to a process called cryptobiosis which slows their metabolism to a near standstill. Scientists have previously proved that the creatures are even capable of surviving in the vacuum of outer space.

(Source: The Telegraph)