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Keep Track of Your Adventure in Drinking Beer With This Scratch-Off Poster

Keep Track of Your Adventure in Drinking Beer With This Scratch-Off Poster:

The problem I now see in retrospect with Untappd, an app that keeps track of what beers you’ve tried, is that it asked too much of me. I downloaded it one blurry night in downtown San Jose and deleted it by the time I made it to Los Angeles (it’s actually a good app; I just realized how unorganized I am). The app demand input about the beers I drank (where, when, what I thought; there was even a social aspect to it). But it was just too sandbox for me. I can barely keep a calendar updated.

That’s why this scratch-off poster from Pop Chart Labs is perfect for me. Called “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” it gives me a suggested list of beers to track down and mark off accordingly. Actually, this poster makes it seem like I’m either a Kipyard-esque hunter trying to kill one of every wild animal or a wronged criminal offing the men who betrayed him one by one. Here’s the pitch.

Track your progress through a craftily curated checklist of brews with this stunning scratch-off beer chart! Grab a coin and rub the gold foil off each beer as you go/gulp, or simply enjoy the print untouched as an eye-catching, gilded piece of infographic art—it looks beautiful either way! Featuring meticulously hand-illustrated recreations of your favorite lager-and-ale labels, this bucket list of essential beverages sorts into categories and subcategories 99 beers in all, from the hotly pursued Pliny the Elder to a chile-spiced Ghost Face Killah to the ruby red holiday whimsy of Tröegs Mad Elf. Seek, sip, scratch!

Pop Chart Labs

Pop Chart Labs

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