At E3 2016 earlier this year developer Firaxis Games showed off Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, a new entry in its long-running series about building a nation from a small tribe into a global superpower. That demo is now available for everyone to see, advancing through all of human history at super speed.

In the demo video above, Firaxis enlists actor Sean Bean, of “died in Game of Thrones” and “died in Lord of the Rings” fame, to narrate what the hell’s going on in Civ VI. If you ever wanted a crash course in human development that would normally take a few hundred or even thousands of years, but in the span of 12 minutes and in a video game, this is for you.

The biggest change here from previous Civ games is that players don’t just build walled cities, but can spread them out with specific districts that each carry different benefits. You can even create a theater district, where you’ll theoretically produce a Sean Bean-caliber actor of your own.

Probably the best part of the video is when the player’s spearmen run into Teddy Roosevelt, the representative of the nascent and neighboring video game United States of America. Seems like an all right dude. But then Ancient Egypt declares war during the Industrial Age and things get pretty messy, what with the tanks blowing up guys on horseback. That’s Civ in a nutshell, though—don’t attack a technologically superior force. Also, never let Ghandi get nukes.