Well this could make your morning meetings a whole lot more interesting. Trichome, a lifestyle store in Seattle, is offering cannabis-coffee tastings. The java is based on Bulletproof coffee, a method of brewing that adds one to two tablespoons of butter per cup. Trichome baristas make pour-over coffee (partnering with a different local roaster each month) and then stir in bud butter. Supposedly a cup gets you high after about 20 minutes, but you remain alert and focused.

Washington State is not eager to legalize mass-produced marijuana drinkables, however. Local company Mirth Provisions, which came up with a line of bottled marijuana drinks called Legal, has hit regulatory roadblocks from the liquor control board. Mirth promises five flavors of the elixir including two cold-brew coffees and three sparkling sodas. Each 11.5-ounce bottle will include 10 to 20 milligrams of THC extract and cost about $10. There is no word on when it will actually go on sale.

Trichome tastings (21+ only) are from ten A.M. to two P.M. on October 12, November 2 and December 21. The shop is located at 618 S Jackson St.

Via FWX and Huffington Post

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