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You Can Now Fully Live and Breathe the World of Star Wars

You Can Now Fully Live and Breathe the World of Star Wars:

With The Empire Strikes Back, Secret Cinema is giving London locals all summer to immerse themselves in a galaxy far, far away.

Famous for its immersive way of allowing movie-goers to view the movies they love, Secret Cinema has partnered with Lucasfilm, Bad Robot, and Disney for “the highest level of immersion we’ve achieved,” says founder Fabien Riggall.

“I think people are looking for a new way to experience culture and I think what Secret Cinema has untapped is that desire,” says Riggall. “It’s increasing with each technology that comes out. I think the audiences are looking to connect and become part of the culture, become part of the experience.”

The organization has already done the same for a score of other films— Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, and Miller’s Crossing among them—but this Star Wars immersion is next level. According to Reuters, it took 400 people to built the world that aims to blur audience and performance.

The super awesome wonderful experience runs until September.

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