Dramatic footage shows an inmate being viciously beaten in prison after saying he would kill a fellow inmate if he refused to convert to Islam. Here’s what we know according to the video’s uploader:

Footage from prison CCTV shows the moment Terrence Wilson, 24, and Michael Clarke, 29, began attacking Carlos Larmond inside Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. According to Paolo Giancaterino, the lawyer representing Wilson, the attack took place on March 3 after Larmond began asking Wilson to become a ‘soldier of Islam’.

At the time of this attack Wilson was in custody awaiting charging for aggravated assault, which he had already admitted, according to the Ottawa Sun. Clarke meanwhile is serving a 141-day sentence for assault causing bodily harm which he was convicted of last month.

He was also previously convicted of manslaughter and served six months in jail after a man was stabbed 18 times before being left for dead. His co-accused got 10 years. Meanwhile Larmond was being held while awaiting trial for terrorism offences, alongside his twin brother Ashton and another man, Awso Peshdary. Larmond was arrested in January after checking into Trudeau airport in Montreal while trying to board a plane to Frankfurt, while Ashton was arrested in Ottawa. While details of the charges against them are not clear, authorities say their evidence stems from phone conversations the pair had between August 1 last year, and January 9. Larmond is charged with participating in a terror group and traveling abroad to participate in terror activities, while Ashton is charged with facilitating terrorist activity, participating in a terrorist group, and instructing people to carry out activity for a terrorist group. The pair, who must be kept separate in jail according to a court order, have now been moved to a different facility.