{“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“14686”,“size”:“medium”,“alignment”:“left”}When the XFR-S was first unveiled at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, we were pumped to see Jaguar’s second R-S vehicle and sequel to our 2012 Playboy Car of the Year, the XKR-S, named as the latest in Jag’s diverse lineup.

For this vehicle, Jag souped up the modest XF sedan—their least expensive vehicle—to join the previously established XFR, Sportbrake (“Wagon” in the UK) and AWD models. The XFR-S has the same guts as its sportier XKR-S sibling, but it easily poses as a nonthreatening sedan that can make it past key competitors or spouses without raising an eyebrow. However, when it hits the open road, the XFR-S’ 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine’s 550 horses can push out a nifty 186 mph top speed and 502 pounds-feet of torque. And with a mileage of 15/23 mpg city/highway (or 18 combined), you’ll be laughing all the way to the gas station.

The XFR-S offers a smooth, even ride and handled terrifically on the corners and turns of the Monterey, C.A. coast where we got behind the wheel. Instead of kicking its 0 to 60 (in just under four and a half seconds), we got a display of the Jag’s quiet refinement, a much classier way of presenting a vehicle which will attract a much more varied clientele than its sibling. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of the executives who prefer the more expensive but understated sedans such as Bentley or Rolls take a gamble and move vertically based on price and performance. Add in the exceptional interior styling (carbon leather no less) and a standard 825W 18-speaker Meridian system and you have the complete package.

Our biggest complaint with the XFR-S—and an optional one at that—is that the larger of the two available rear spoilers gives the car an aftermarket performance vibe that doesn’t work with this vehicle. The more discreet version, which actually slides off the tail, looks fantastic, but the overarching, over-the-top pop-up style makes us cringe. Again, it’s optional, so we know whose fault it is if we see you rolling with that rump.

Available now for $99,000 you can learn more at www.jaguarusa.com