Everyone needs a hobby, and Danish chef Diego Buik just happens to love making lavish burgers. To celebrate National Hamburger Day last week, Buik crafted a ridiculously epic burger for a totally reasonable price: $2,314. In fact, Buik, who works at The Hague in the Netherlands, tricked out his burger in hopes of achieving the Guinness World Record for most expensive burger in the world, according to INSIDER.

Did he succeed? More on that in a second. First you need to know exactly what he put on his burger that made it cost more than a used ‘07 Chevy Cobalt. Buik started with a base of Japanese dry-aged Wagyu beef and added foie gras, white truffles and Oosterschelde lobster infused with Hermit Dutch Coastal gin, both of which I’ve never heard of but must be fancy as shit because again, this is a $2,314 burger we’re talking about here.

Then Buik added some Remeker cheese, Iberian ham, Japanese fruit tomatoes, French lettuce, caviar and a sauce consisting of Japanese soy sauce, saffron, Madagascan vanilla, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and lobsters. How many lobsters, you ask? Why, 35 lobsters, I answer.

Then he enveloped the whole thing in a $135 brioche bun. That’s a lot of money for a brioche bun—way more money than I’d spend on one whole burger, in fact—but it makes more sense once you learn the bun is made with saffron and coated in a 24-karat gold leaf.

So yeah: $2,314 sounds about right for a burger that far exceeds my monthly mortgage. But was it enough to break the Guinness World Record? No. According to a Guinness spokesperson, Buik’s burger ranks behind the current record holder: a beast that sells for $5,000 at Juicy’s Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon. Mother of God.

Buik, who told VICE his burger isn’t even that good, and that he’s in fact had better burgers for $18, isn’t offering his $2,314 burger on the menu at The Hague. But if you’re dumb enough to spend $2,314 on a burger, then he says he’ll happily make it for you/rob you blind.