From Software and Bandai Namco should make this an ad for their game.

YouTuber Green Toast used about 2,500 individual screenshots to create a stop-motion video that quickly covers the entire huge world of Dark Souls 3. Even sped up, you get a sense of how large and often intricate the world can be. The video runs through every location that makes up the Dark Souls 3 world of Lothric, and is missing only the (obviously already dead) bosses that would normally be waiting to make Green Toast’s life miserable.

The video really gives a sense of the strange and decaying world that serves as setting for Dark Souls games, especially when linked all together in one long strip. There are crumbling cities and poisoned swamps and spooky dungeons and towering mountains to explore in Dark Souls 3, and they’re all littered with secrets waiting to be uncovered.

And if you’re not into playing, a video like this one serves as decent shorthand.

Via Kotaku Australia