Sega’s Valentine’s Day-themed game giveaway promo is still happening on PC game portal Steam, with new free games on offer today. So go snag them.

The “Make War Not Love 3” campaign encourages players to fire up a few of the publisher’s war games, and the more people play those, the more free stuff is unlocked. Earlier this week, everyone got free copies of Jet Set Radio, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and Golden Axe. The second tier, which replaces the free games from earlier, unlocks Condemned: Criminal Origins, Binary Domain and Streets of Rage 2.

The first is a great horror game about tracking a serial killer and whacking crazies with led pipes; the second is a squad shooter about secret robots hiding among the human population that’s got some interesting ideas about the meaning of humanity; and the third is Streets of fuckin’ Rage.

To snag your free stuff, you need to head over to the promo campaign’s website right here and pop in your email address to get a Steam code. It might sound like you’re not getting one, and it might even take several hours for the email to show up, but be patient. And do it quickly, because the games will change this weekend to new freebies and the old ones will disappear.