Quick, go to Valve’s Steam PC game store! You can get some Sega games for free!

Publisher Sega is dishing out a few old games on Steam. Headlining the trio of titles you can have for no cost right now is Jet Set Radio, the cartoon-styled Dreamcast game about in-line skating and graffiti. Also up for the low cost of nothing are Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, a game in which you play a Satanic rabbit fighting the forces of hell, and Golden Axe, the 2010 re-release of the 1989 arcade game in which scantily glad uberwarriors slice up evil creatures with broadswords.

All three games are part of the “Make War, Not Love 3” promo that Sega is running, which dishes out prizes to players as they dump time into Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War II and Total War: Attila. If enough people play those, expect to pick up three more old Sega games for free later this week.