Sega is teaming up with Australian company Zero Latency to make a virtual reality experience that’s basically Star Trek’s holodeck, except with way, way more guns.

As Financial Review reports, Sega’s looking to open a permanent Virtual Reality Center in Japan. In it, you’ll be able to toss on a Zero Latency headset and backpack, grab a giant-ass pretend rifle, and run around the warehouse as if you were inside a video game—filled with zombies, as it happens. The system can support up to six players, and of course players will be able to see each other’s virtual avatars as they’re running around the big empty warehouse fighting digital enemies.

The whole deal is part of Sega’s theme park offerings in Japan, with Zero Latency’s tech that basically supports all the necessary gear of virtual reality on your person, allowing you to move around the space freely. It’s a pretty stark contrast to home VR as it currently stands. The Oculus Rift headset, at this point, pretty much requires you to sit or stand in one place; HTC’s Vive can work in a room, but not an especially big one. Plus you have to be plugged in by wire to whatever computer you’re using to run the game.

Meanwhile, Sega’s got a big damn warehouse for video games where you use your whole body. Stateside, I guess the rest of us will have to continue to enjoy laser tag and playing video games on the couch.

Via Kotaku