Neighbors was a big hit comedy in 2014 starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne. The premise is that a fraternity moves next door to a married couple and begins to ruin their lives. It was a solid movie and earned enough at the box office to get a sequel. The sequel looks far more promising.

First of all, instead of a fraternity moving next door, this time it’s a soroity. And not just any sorority. This one throws giant parties with stripper poles, tons of booze and lots of scantily clad women.

Also, the movie stars Selena Gomez (seen above in a purple swimsuit) and Chloë Grace Moretz as two of the hard-partying soroity gals. And they spend most of the movie doing everything a guy would want a girl to do. In one scene Chloë smokes a little weed at a soroity meeting:

And then Selena studies for her midterm in her underwear with some of her soroity sisters:

And there’s a scene where a bunch of girls shaking their behinds while wearing booty shorts:

And Chloë also chills out in the front lawn while just wearing a bikini:

And there’s a scene where a bunch of girls in swimsuits get sprayed by a hose while surrounding a car:

So…it’s basically a movie that every guy in the country will want to go to. It’s going to be funny because Seth Rogen’s in it plus there’s scenes of Selena Gomez and Chloë Grace Moretz wearing bikinis. And there are crazy soroity parties.

If these screenshots haven’t convinced you, then maybe the full trailer will:

Can we buy tickets for this two months ahead of time like we did for Star Wars?

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