Yesterday, Selena Gomez was in Los Angeles to promote her new single, “Bad Liar,”, and the paparazzi snapped a few shots of her wearing a white top and cropped gray pants. When she turned to the side, the sleeveless, open-sided top gave them a peek at her bare breast and nipple. See the pics here.


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Gomez’s breasts are getting plenty of attention this week. On Monday, the singer wore a low-cut, lingerie-like dress on a date with The Weeknd in New York City. The following night, they went out again, and she wore a black dress with one sparkly strap. The asymmetrical dress doesn’t look sheer in a pic The Weeknd posted of her on Instagram (above), but when the paparazzi took photos of the couple, the flash revealed that she was braless and wearing a thong.

Gomez took both skin-baring experiences in stride, as she should. What’s the big deal, really? She seemed her happy, confident self in both outfits—and of course, she looked stunning. This is Selena Gomez, and she’s irresistible even when she’s completely covered up in a pink, parrot-print outfit with cats on the front, as you’ll see in the following iHeartRadio video. Watch her compete with one of her biggest fans in a game of Selena Gomez Trivia: