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Selena Gomez Rocks It In A Low-Cut Shirt And A Bikini For A Steamy Photo Shoot

We’re living in an interesting time. I was having this discussion with a friend the other day about Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. For all intents and purposes, those two get grouped together quite a lot, and it’s not without reason. Both were child stars pitched to us, the masses, as these fun little teeny-boppers. However, we’re reaching a point now where they’re both becoming stunningly beautiful adult women and can no longer pretend to be 15 years old forever.

So, we’re in a transitional period. Both ladies are maturing and acting as so. With each song release, each public appearance, each music video, and each sexy photo shoot, they’re both solidifying their roles as top-tier leading ladies of the music industry.

Take this photo shoot that Selena Gomez did with GQ Magazine for example; this isn’t no teenager stuff. This is grown woman-style photos. I, for one, am proud of her. Take a look at the pics and I’m sure you’ll be, uhm, “proud” as well. Oh, and there’s a behind the scenes video to boot!

Selena Gomez GQ 1


Selena Gomez GQ 2


Selena Gomez GQ 3


Selena Gomez GQ 4


To see more images and read Selena’s interview the magazine, head over to the GQ website.

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