Selena Gomez and Canadian artist Petra Collins bonded during a Wonderland magazine photoshoot in 2015, and they became close friends. Dazed Magazine features a conversation between the two women about their latest collaboration—Gomez’s new music video, “Fetish,” which Collins directed. (Collins previously shot photos of Gomez that were used to promote her “Bad Liar” single.) In Dazed, they talk about their creative connection and shared inspirations, including everything from horror movies to Fiona Apple.

If you haven’t seen the video, which has a retro feel and includes footage of Gomez putting various inedible things in her mouth, watch it here:

On the set of “Fetish,” things got especially intense during the scene where Gomez loses control in the kitchen of a suburban house. Collins says, “The energy we were giving back and forth was insane, it was like me screaming while you are just giving the performance of a lifetime.”

Gomez says, “Um, I’m not saying I’ve ever done something similar to the kitchen scene in real life, but I can say right now, I do weird shit all the time when I’m alone in my house. It’s how I express myself!”

Fetish. Thursday.

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Later in the discussion, Collins asks Gomez about her current fetish. Her reply: “Right now, I have a fetish for Brian De Palma films. The way he shoots women is so sexy. I’m printing out pictures to hang up in my new house right now. Melanie Griffith in Body Double. So sexy.”

Collins agrees, saying, “I’m with you on that one, that’s my fetish right now, too.”

That’s the last line in the article, so readers are left wondering what will happen the next time Gomez and Collins work together. Let’s hope it involves a Body Double-inspired music video for Gomez’s next single.

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