I honestly could not name you a single Selena Gomez song. I haven’t seen any of her movies, either. Basically, all I know I really know about her is that she dated Justin Bieber. I guess that says more about me than it does her. Oh, I also know that she’s super hot! I mean, that makes sense, considering she dated Justin Bieber (that guy really slays). I also went out with a girl that kinda looked like her a few months ago so I guess I have a thing for that type. Selena, not Justin.

It looks like Selena doesn’t like flaunting her hotness as much as we thought. Yesterday, she posted a super sexy picture that featured a white tank top and a leopard print thong bikini bottom. It was Selena at her finest. Unfortunately, she must have felt the pic was a bit too racy, because she deleted it off of her Instagram account shortly after. Too bad. It’s lost forever. :(

PSYCH! Of course we got a screenshot!

I don’t know when Selena had time to log onto her account and delete the photo, seeing as she was busy on stage with Taylor Swift.


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