Selena Gomez could probably Instagram a photo of Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin posing with Donald Trump in the Oval Office (wait, didn’t someone do that already?), and it would still get a million likes. Such is the power of being the most followed person on Instagram, a title Gomez has owned since snatching the crown from Taylor Swift last year.

So, when she decided to post a selfie with her shiny new pop star boyfriend The Weeknd, records did fall. Of Gomez’s 118 million Instagram followers, nearly 7 million of them decided to give it some love, making it Gomez’s most liked photo of all time.

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You may be wondering why this is significant, so allow us to explain. In an age when growing your personal brand can lead to major advertising deals (Beyoncé’s posts are reportedly worth $1 million each), being good at social media pays, quite literally. Now that Gomez has revealed the formula for getting online adulation, we can all do it! Just become a pop star, start secretly dating another pop star, save the official reveal of your coupledom for Coachella (weekend one, of course) and then make it Instagram official!

Thanks Selena, your check is in the mail.