When you have 109 million followers on Instagram, anything you post is subject to intense scrutiny. In Selena Gomez’s latest photo, she’s wearing a white halter-top dress with an asymmetrical hem. Her hair looks especially amazing, flowing around her shoulders in loose waves.

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The singer was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this week on a dinner date with the Weeknd, so we figured the pic was taken behind-the-scenes of a new project. It wasn’t. Although Gomez didn’t caption the image, a few observant folks noticed that her dress looked familiar. Turns out it was taken during the shoot for her Pantene commercial, which premiered in Mexico last summer. Well, that explains why her hair looks so good in this pic – she’s selling hair products.

If you want to watch Gomez speak a bit of Spanish and swing her lustrous tresses around as one does in a hair commercial, you can see her in action below: