Forbes directs us to an interesting development in the world of composite chemical engineering.

See, some aerospace engineers have interest in fiber-reinforced composite materials that could “heal” themselves by self-repairing damage, with the idea being that they could be used to enhance air and spacecraft. The chemicals are full of millions of microscopic spheres that, upon being broken, would release a hardening liquid to fill in the gaps and “repair” the shattered area.

While the technology is still a long way away from being adopted into that iPhone you’re going to accidentally drop this weekend, scientists believe it could take off if a corporation with as much influence as Apple was to sell it.

For a self healing screen to succeed, it would “have to be positioned at very nearly the price of current displays”, according to Todd Thibodeaux, president of IT industry association CompTIA. “It would take adoption by Apple to drive it mainstream, similar to the push they are now providing for mobile payments in the US.”

In the meantime, keep your phone in a case, and your pocket.

Via Forbes.