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Selfies Are Officially More Deadly Than Shark Attacks


Every year, people (specifically, people in the media) like to freak out about shark attacks. And it’s understandable. After all, sharks are pretty horrifying. But as horrifying as they may be, shark attacks are still extremely rare.

But a new infographic (a.k.a. a glorified bar graph) from Mashable really drives the point home by comparing the amount of people who have died so far this year from shark attacks to those who have died while taking selfies. The results speak for themselves.

Via [Mashable](

Via Mashable.

Of course the reason you’re more likely to die while taking a selfie isn’t because selfies are actually dangerous. It’s simply the fact that you’re a lot more likely to take a selfie than you are to encounter a shark, so there’s greater opportunity for something to go wrong. At the end of the day, taking selfies is still very, very safe… unfortunately.

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(Source: Mashable, H/T: BroBible)

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