If you know anything about the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., then you remember the time that Joey found his hand-twin dealing cards in Vegas. He made a big stink about them having identical hands, even though the rest of them didn’t look anything alike. It sort of makes you wonder if there are more people out there with the same body parts as you. I’m sure we’ve all encountered someone that we kind of look like, but never have I found someone that looks IDENTICAL to me. That doesn’t mean there isn’t someone walking around out there with the exact same nipples as me, or a penis doppelgänger. It sort of makes you wonder.

For tennis superstar Serena Williams, she found her identical booty twin. Her name is Olivia, she’s an actress, and she has a wonderful Instagram page. Here are both butts side by side.

Found my Doppelgänger which one is me? @planetolivia #mineisreal

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#backtoback @serenawilliams

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Can you tell who is who? Let alone the booties, both ladies are ripped beyond belief and in better shape than 99.99999% of the people on this planet.

Here’s some more pics of Olivia, who doesn’t look exactly like Serena from the front side, but still looks pretty darn attractive in her own right.

#freeport #bahamas #swimsuit #purple #purp #ass #beauty #beach #island #sand

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Getting bedazzled for Ava Valentine. #photoshootfresh

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🏊🏽 #swim #photoshoot #swimsuit #bikini #hair #sexy #fitness

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