Are you running out of things to dream about? If so, maybe you should try nightmares instead! We certainly have one to tell you about.

According to a story from the Daily Mirror, a chef in China was preparing a dish made with cobra flesh (yum) when things went wrong in a way we’d like to believe only happens in movies. A full 20 minutes after decapitating the tasty snake, the head suddenly came back to life, leaped from the garbage can in which it had been disposed, and bit and killed the man who was cooking its body.

Read the previous paragraph as many times as you need to, we’ll wait.

Good? No, of course it’s not good. This is the most terrifying shit ever, and the worst part is, it’s not at all uncommon.

Well, the part where a severed snake head propels itself through the air to exact revenge on an adversary isn’t a thing that happens a lot. Snakes continuing to bite well after their heads have been removed, though? That’s a horrifyingly regular thing.

For example, the Daily Mirror article that produced this story has a fairly blood-curdling video you can check out if you’re so inclined.

Or, if the sight of a snake’s severed head biting at the air doesn’t weird you out enough, there’s also this adorable video of a severed snake head biting its own body (also still moving).

These are just two of the countless examples of beheaded snake frolics you can find on YouTube, and every single one of them is a powerful reminder that the best way to kill a snake is to cut off its head.

After that, run.