Sevyn Streeter’s hot new video “nEXt” drops today on BET, and what better way to celebrate than by getting to know this incredibly sexy musician! Known in the music industry for writing alongside everyone from Chris Brown to Alicia Keys, her debut EP, Call Me Crazy, But…,was released late last year. We expect a lot from this brunette bombshell this year, which is why she’s our latest Femme on Fire. Your new video for “nEXt” drops on BET’s 106 & Park on Wednesday. What can you tell us about it? From the teaser it looks pretty sexy!

Sevyn: I’m so excited about that, I can’t wait to release it. And yeah, it definitely has its sexy moments. It features Kid Ink, a guy who was really dope to work with. Aside from laughing all day with Kid Ink, I had some sexy-looking actors in the video, too, which always makes a day at work a whole lot easier. The song is about not really being able to move past a relationship; in this case it was an ex for me. I feel like guys must feel this too in terms of not getting over past girlfriends! The video tells that story and I can’t wait to see it premiere on 106. Tell me a bit about your album Call Me Crazy, But… I had a listen last night and really dug it, especially the title track!

Sevyn: It’s a seven-song EP that covers all of the things that we all go through in relationships. I definitely pulled from my personal relationships a lot; my fans know this about me. I say, “If I go through it, nine times out of 10 I’m going to write about it!” or, “I’d like to Taylor Swift that ho” and write a song about the situation. [laughs] So that’s what I did with my EP, I just needed to get those songs out there. Once we hooked it all up, we realized that the tracks started sounding like the cycle of the relationship. The good times, the bad times, the ups and the downs…all of it! I’m happy it turned out that way. What’s the story behind the title?

Sevyn: I called it Call Me Crazy, But… because I felt that a lot of times in relationships, sometimes [the other person] can act a little out of character and you can act a little crazy too. I called it that because they can also feel the same about you. “Call me crazy, but didn’t you lie to me about this?” or “Call me crazy, but you made so many promises and you broke them.” It’s just all about relationships and that’s the EP in a nutshell. What would you say the major difference is between writing for yourself and for others?

Sevyn: When I write for others it’s important for me to be a little nosy and find out what they’re going through in their lives. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get people to be vulnerable enough to spill their guts to me, a complete stranger who then tries to write a song about their experiences. The difference between writing for someone else or writing for myself is that I don’t want to tell my own secrets! [laughs] So that can be a really huge challenge because I’m the one behind the canon, and I’m in control of what I do and say about myself, but at the same time, I want to make the songs as relatable as possible. So in some cases I have to tell on myself in my lyrics and it kind of gets me in trouble! I’ll get an occasional phone call asking if I wrote the song about this person or that situation. So it can get kind of crazy. You’ve worked closely with Chris Brown. How did that relationship start?

Sevyn: Shout out to my brother! That boy, I love him to death. Chris and I started working together way back when we had the same manager. We ended up having a session at a studio across the hall from each other. After I had wrapped up I walked up to him and said, “Hey, my session is about to finish, I heard that you were about to go and write. Do you mind if I come and write with you?” So he said, “Yeah, I’ll come and get you when we’re ready.” So I went and sat in the lobby of the studio and waited. Just as he promised, he came right out and got me just before they started writing. That was five years ago and we’ve been writing together ever since. I owe so much to him and I’ve learned so much from him, especially when it comes to writing. A lot of people don’t realize that he’s a really incredible writer. I got my first placement ever in life with him. I got to write “Yeah 3x” with him, I also got to write about seven songs on the second album with him too. In terms of singles, I wrote “Let the Blunt Go,” “Strip” and “Next to You” with Chris and Justin Bieber. It’s just been a blessing; I was also featured on the “She Ain’t You” single and two new tracks on his Fortune album. It opened so many doors in terms of writing possibilities and I am so grateful for it. You’ve been in the music industry for a long time. What’s the thing that has changed the most in your opinion?

Sevyn: The power of the Internet has definitely changed the game. All of these social media outlets out there have had a huge effect on our industry. Some people would argue against it, but I think it’s a good thing. It’s so much easier to connect with your fans, get content out and talk to those that are following me to find out what they like and ask what topics they feel like I haven’t covered with my tracks. That’s how I use it. I now have the opportunity to tweet them and find out what songs on the EP they like the best, or what songs should be the next single. It works for me and I love it. What’s in store for 2014?

Sevyn: I want to put out more videos, more singles and do more shows. I want to go on some dope tours! I really want to go to Europe—I’ve never been and I’m dying to go, so that’s definitely on my list for 2014. Ultimately I just want to continue to grow and get better at this thing I’ve got going on. Your album talks a lot about relationships. What are some words of advice you can give our male readers?

Sevyn: Confidence is definitely key! Confidence, being consistent and making women laugh is so important. So “the Three C’s” I guess: confidence, consistency and comedy! Those three together, boys… I swear, you’ll be in the game. What’s your…

Favorite food: Anything that my grandmas cook. I have three grandmothers, who I call the trinity because they are just heaven-sent. Anything and everything they cook is my favorite.

Favorite drink: I will say that Luda has this cognac called Conjure that I like with pineapple juice!

Worst pickup line: I heard one last night that was hilarious. We were in the club and obviously it was really dark. This guy looked at me and tried to grab my thong and was like, “You have Instagram? You should take my Instagram and follow me!” I was just looking at him thinking, “Are you serious right now?” I feel bad for this next part, but I kind of don’t because it was the weakest pickup line ever. But I think he might have been an athlete or somebody like that. He felt like I should know who he was. He just kept going, “Yeah, just follow me. Just go to your Instagram.” So I went to my Instagram and pulled up my page and put my phone in his face. He looked at the page, looked at me and back to my page and sheepishly said, “Oh, you’re Sevyn?” [laughs] It was so hilarious! I was like, “Yeah, I’m Sevyn, nice to meet you!” and he just said, “Oh, okay,” and just turned right back around to his section with his friends. I died laughing. So I think that was probably the worst pickup line… “Follow my Instagram so you can see who I am.” What? Shut up!

First memory of Playboy: It’s not a first memory, but I loved the show [The Girls Next Door] so much with Kendra and Hef! It’s probably not my first memory, but I have so many good memories of watching that show. I also had the pleasure of going to the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party a couple of years ago—that was incredible. I had never been to the Mansion; it’s just so insane that it was all there. The infamous Mansion, the infamous grotto! I had a really good time—that party was crazy. You guys have got to tell me when you have your next party because you can throw one hell of a gathering!